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It’s Alive!

Posted in Beer on February 17, 2012 by elproducto75

After a month in primary with nothing but the Roeselare yeast, La Lanterne Rouge has started to develop a nice pellicle.  Going to be a long 11 months!  It’s a long weekend coming up, so I have plans to do at least 2 brews: Dark English Mild, a nice sub 4% session beer and hopefully a Schwarzbier to pitch on the cake from my Stubby’s Pils which will go into lagering at the same time.


Sorry for the picture quality, hard to take photos in the carboy.


Stubbys’ Pils

Posted in Beer, Recipes on February 1, 2012 by elproducto75

My grandfather is just an amazing guy.  He joined the Canadian Navy when he was 16 by lying about his age.  You normally hear about people not wanting to join the military.. but he fibbed his way in.  He has had about every job in order to support his wife and 5 kids, everything from selling TV’s, working for hydro as a lineman, and selling office trailers and mobile homes.  He loves to fish and hunt, and be outdoors in general.  As of late, his health and mind are starting to fail on him but he still keeps that great sense of humor that everyone knows him by.  He is one of the great inspirations for my love of beer and food.  Not because he drank the best beer (he’s a Bud man), but he always encourages us to try new things.  He has travelled the world with my Grandmother, and loves to drink the local beers of whichever country he is visiting. 

My first lager, a Bohemian Pilsner is dedicated to my grandfather who goes by his Navy nickname Stub.

I present Stubby’s Pils

1.056 OG

40 IBU’s

Mash at 154 for 90 minutes. – Didn’t bother with a decoction mash, mostly b/c I use a cooler, and it seems like way too much work.

95% Pilsner Malt

5% Carapils

 Saaz 60 min.

Saaz 20 min.

Saaz 10 min.

Saaz 5 min.

2 packs of Saflager W34/70 yeast rehydrated and pitched into 45 degree wort.  Free rise up to approx. 52 degrees (ambient basement temp).  It’s chugging away as we speak, and I’ll likely do a short Diacytl rest at the end of 7 days, and then leave in primary for another week.  I then will lager in my kegerator for about 4 weeks before tapping.  Hoping for a nice hoppy, crisp pilsner.. like Stubby loves to drink.

In other news, my Flanders Red has stopped active fermentation, but I’m keeping it in the ferm chamber at 68 degrees for the meantime to get the bugs going.  Superbowl is this weekend, and I’ve got a couple of kegs dangerously close to kicking.. must brew more!!