Change of plans

I’ve had a change of plans for my weekend brew.  As I was sipping on a glass of my Jolly Pumpkin Bam Biere clone my first ever “sour” beer (which turned out absolutely fantastic), I started to crave some Rodenbach Grand Cru which I of course have none of.  I made my way to my cellar and grabbed my copy of Wild Brews, resisting the temptation to crack one of my bottles of Lindeman’s Cuvee Renee.  Next thing I know, I’m checking my supplies to see if I can brew a Flanders Red.

Anyone who knows anything about homebrewing sours, knows that it takes TIME.  This thing will not even be drinkable for about a year, the longer the better.  So I figured that I can brew an American Wheat anytime, the kegerator is full (even have a pipeline) so I’d best get a Flanders started.

I’m going to use the recipe from Brewing Classic Styles as my first, since it’s simple and I have everything, including a smackpack of Roeselare yeast.  I know in BCS Jamil suggests fermenting with a normal Ale yeast first, and then adding the Roeselare in secondary, but I think he’s changed his tune and the concensus is that you will get better results by just pitching Roeselare right from the get go.

My plan is to brew this recipe every 6 months, reusing the cake and adding a fresh pack each brew.  Hopefully this will give me some good beers to blend.
In honor of my love for cycling, and the Tour De France I’m going to name this beer La Lanterne Rouge, which refers to the name for the cyclist in last place in the TDF.

La Lanterne Rouge

6 Gallons, 70% Efficiency

5.25 lbs Pilsener Malt
5.25 lbs Vienna Malt
1 lb Munich
0.5 lb Wheat (I’m going to use Flaked Wheat to add some complexity)

1 oz. East Kent Goldings at 60 min.

Mash 154 for 60 min.
90 min. boil
Wyeast 3763 Roeselare 6 months Primary, then secondary on Oak Chips


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