First brewing post – Red Rock Wheat (American Wheat)

I’m setting my sights on perfecting my  own American Wheat recipe.  I brewed one last year with Citra/Amarillo and didn’t really like it, the hops were overpowering.  My plan with this recipe is to brew something crisp/clean and reasonably light for summer drinking.  Calling it Red Rock Wheat after the famous lighthouse near my cottage on Georgian Bay

In my head I have the following as a recipe, any suggestions are appreciated.  I’m going to leave crystal malts out, use mostly noble “style” hops and ferment cool with a Kolsch yeast.  Last year I bought 1/2 pound of Sorachi Ace, and I’ve been afraid to use it with all of the reports of “Lemon Pledge” notes which I would like to avoid.  Brooklyn Brewery does a Sorachi Ace Saison but I have yet to try it, it’s popular so can’t be all bad.  I think I’ll use a light hand and just add a bit at flameout.

Somewhere around 5.2% ABV, and about 25 Ibu’s

45% 2-Row

45% Wheat

10% Munich 10L

Willamette – 60 min.

Willamette – 15 min.

Crystal – Flameout

Sorachi Ace – Flameout

Mash 152, Ferment in low 60’s with Wyeast 2565

I’ll post the final recipe this weekend after I brew, if anyone has any suggestions before then.. feel free!



3 Responses to “First brewing post – Red Rock Wheat (American Wheat)”

  1. I’d be interested in hearing how this one turns out!
    Adding some oats can add a nice creaminess to it, but it depends on what you’re going for….

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